About us

Ever since Riaz Arts began their business in 1985, they have established their name that reverberates with the elements of quality, elegance and eternal beauty weaved with delicacy and simplicity. Riaz Arts received praise and recognition from home and abroad by bringing in the textile industry’s wholesale and retail market latest designs and fabric to meet customer’s demands. Riaz Arts soon became a brand name backed by superiority in design and pre-eminence in quality with its fabric having spectacular and stunning designs and vivid colors. It was because of Riaz Art’s promise to offer the superior quality fabric that it enhanced and evolved the textile industry of Pakistan whereby offering its customers with a new sense of fashion and style.

Keeping up with their tradition of offering fabrics of the highest class, Riaz Arts has launched three distinct categories, The Red, Orange and the Yellow Series, for the various segments of the market offering three distinct variants in designs to complement your taste.


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